Lichtkinds Baumhaus

Wer ist Lichtkind ? Autor, Coder, Blogger und enzyKlopädist. Vitaler Teil der der deutschen Perl Benutzer. Dies war der Anfang meines neuen Gartens.

 Kephra nightly downloads ( ehemals PCE )
Kephra : sfx.exe, tar.gz ~ suspend interface caching due coding problems in cache files
" ignore backup localisation files while creating l18n menus
Kephra : sfx.exe, tar.gz + added spanish localisation (thanks to enriquee nell)
[ less clutter in menu labels
/ moved dev to linux
Kephra : sfx.exe, tar.gz + select content - just quotings
[ add toggle script comment to selected text context menu
! repaired some POD's
Kephra : sfx.exe, tar.gz ~ move selection moves now wordwise when part of line selected
' 2 doc typo in
Kephra : sfx.exe, tar.gz ~ move selection moves now only complete lines when selected none or several
! old l18n key in romana.conf
Kephra : sfx.exe, tar.gz + insert rectangular selections
+ move line tabwise left and right with ++
~ brace nav is caret pos aware (jumps from inside to inside or outside to outside)
~ toggle # comment with ++
] automatically hides incomplete translations in enduser releases
! closed unnamed docs appeared in file history
! proper titelbar and tabbar visual updates while rename file
! folding and marker setting with left click on margin works again
Kephra : sfx.exe, tar.gz + selecting right to left and right click deletes (clear) selection (left to right just cuts)
] hardening the feature of previous version
] config reload when changing current l18n works again
" improved english l18n (mostly by enrico)++
! lang selection menu works again